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Divorce & Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Reasons for a Divorce

You need to show that you have been married for over a year and that the relationship has broken down irretrievably in order to get a divorce.

The law of divorce has recently changed in order to remove the blame which was often placed on one party during the divorce process, and to allow for a marriage to be ended on a “no-fault” basis.

This takes effect on 6th April 2022 which means that it is still in the very early stages of being implemented and the online platform is still being finalised.


The new procedure will enable separated parties either to make a joint application for divorce, or one party can make a sole application.

A 20-week cooling off period will commence following the issue of the application. This cooling off period is intended to allow the parties to reflect and ensure that they wish to move forward with the dissolution of the marriage or civil partnership.

After the 20-week cooling off period, the Court can grant a Conditional Order which is the first stage of the divorce.

6 weeks after the Conditional Order has been made, it is possible to apply for a Final Order which will dissolve the marriage completely and conclude the divorce proceedings. Before a Court will issue a Final Order, they will need to be satisfied that financial matters have been considered.

How can we help?

The above summary is only very general information. We can provide advice or representation tailored to your own particular circumstances and offer further information in respect of the recent change in the law.

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