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Our charges will be based upon hourly rates. This is the traditional method of charging by law firms.

We will provide you with an estimate of fees at the outset of your case and this will be reviewed at least every six months and sooner when there is a significant event.

We offer a one hour fixed fee initial appointment. After that, you will need to pay money on account of our fees before we will undertake any further work on your behalf.

All expenses such as court fees, expert fees and counsels’ fees are payable in advance.

We will provide you with the hourly charging rate for each of our fee earners. Letters, phone calls and emails are charged on a time basis. To be clear, we do charge for emails. You are entitled to expect as much accuracy and attention to detail from us in replying to emails as to any other form of communication and so you will be charged in the same way.

You may contact us for advice as often as you wish on the understanding that you are paying for the amount of time spent. We keep a computerised running record of the time spent.

If you are dissatisfied with the amount of our charges and there have been court proceedings, you will normally be entitled to ask the court to assess the amount that is fair.

If we are unable to resolve any dispute over our charges through our internal complaints procedure, you may raise the matter with the Legal Ombudsman. Here is our complaints policy.

Please read the pdf for the Terms of Business.

“First class, could not have expected any more. Thank you.” - Miss JMT, Yeovil

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